Data visualization is for

Making data engaging and easily digestible


Data-driven visualizations

Comparison Chart

Comparison Matrix

Convex Treemap

Polygonal partition

Topographic Map

Elevation Map

Range Area Chart

Angular Range


Data as a set of nested rectangles

Word Cloud

Tag Cloud

Ternary Contour Plot

Kagi Chart

Similar to swing charts

Stacked Bar Chart

Multiple datasets on top of each other

Nested Proportional Area Chart

Stacked Proportional Area Chart

Compound Bubble and Pie Chart

4 Parameter sets instead of two

Stacked Area Chart

Area graph

Flow Chart

Represents a process or a workflow

Area Chart

Area Graph

Table Chart

Arranging data in rows and columns

Isoline Map

show a range of quantity

Proportional Area chart

Used for comparing proportions

Angular Gauge Chart



Groups numeric data into bins


Sequential Graph

Choropleth Map

Sankey Diagram

Tally Chart

Pareto Chart

To highlight the most important set of factors

Transit Map

Schematic diagram used to illustrate the routes

Heat Map

Heat Table, Density Table, heat map


Violin Plot

A method of plotting numeric data

Polar Area Chart

Coxcomb chart, Rose chart, Polar Area Chart

Solid Gauge Chart

Gauge Chart, Angular Index Gauge

Pyramid Chart

Pyramid chart is an inverted funnel chart

Waterfall Chart

Waterfall Plot, Flying Bricks Chart, Mario Chart

Ternary Plot

Organisational Chart

Tree Diagram, Organization Chart, Org Chart, Organigram

Dot Plot

Dot Chart

Multi-level Donut

xploded Donut Chart. Multi-series Donut Chart

Bullet Graph

A Bullet Graph is a variation of a Bar Graph.

Pictorial fraction chart

Pictorial fraction chart is a very simple way of displaying data, but it is also widely used

Pictorial Stacked Chart

Radial Bar Chart

Refers to a typical Bar Chart displayed on a polar coordinate system

Parallel Sets

Parallel Sets are a new method for the visualization and interactive exploration of categorical data

Radar Diagram

Web Chart, Spider Chart, Star Chart, Star Plot, Cobweb Chart

Parallel Coordinates

Its a common way of visualizing high-dimensional geometry and analyzing multivariate data

Pictorial fraction chart

Its a diagram, picture or technical drawing of an object, that shows the relationship

Span Chart

Chord Diagram

a graphical method of displaying the inter-relationships between data in a matrix

Packed Circle Chart

a method to visualize large amounts of hierarchically structured data

Arc Diagram

It uses a one-dimensional layout of nodes with circular arcs to represent connections


Graphic representation of social links that a person has

Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone Diagrams are causal diagrams that show the causes of a specific event

Matrix Diagram

Stream Graph

A type of stacked area graph which is displaced around a central axis

Three-dimensional Stream Graph

3-D surface plot

Candlestick Chart

Japanese candlestick chart

Semi Circle Donut Chart

A Donut Chart cut in half


A method in robust statistics for visualizing two-dimensional statistical data

Matrix Diagram

Radial Line Graph

A part of radial graphs that takes data and render it as collection of data points.

Phase Diagram

A type of chart used to show conditions at which thermodynamically distinct phases can occur at equilibrium

Flow Chart

Show the movement of quantities from one location to another

Euler Diagram

An Euler Diagram is a diagrammatic means of representing sets and their relationships

Hanging Rootogram

Tukey’s hanging rootogram

Sorted Stream Graph

Waterfall Plot

A three-dimensional plot in which multiple curves of data, typically spectra, are displayed simultaneously.

Bubble Map Chart

A combination of a bubble chart data visualization and a map

Contour Plot

A graphic representation of the relationships among three numeric variables in two dimensions

Hexagonal Binning

Another way to manage the problem of having to many points that start to overlap.

Partition Layer Chart

A Partition Layer Chart is a graphical display of clustering results

Multi-level Pie Chart

Cycle Diagram

A Cycle Diagram is simply used to show how a series of events interact repeatedly through a cycle


A tree diagram frequently used to illustrate the arrangement of the clusters produced by hierarchical clustering.

Alluvial Diagram

To represent changes in network structure over time

Linear Process Diagram

Linear process diagram simply displays a process with start and end point on a line

Radial Histogram

Used for displaying the circular data, which involves the wrapping of the usual histogram around a circle.

SWOT Analysis

Process Diagram

A process diagram simply displays a process with start and end point

Bump Chart

Bumps charts are designed for exploring changes in rank over time.

Clustered Force Layout

Nested circles allow to represent hierarchies and compare values

Hive Plot

A rational visualization method for drawing networks

Fan Chart

A fan chart,  is a chart representing family relationships in a tree structure

Marimekko Chart

Slope Chart

Line charts display three or more points in time while slope charts display exactly two points in time

Bar Chart on a Map

Bar chart on a map is a combination of a map with locations and a bar chart

Proportional Area Chart

a variation of Proportional Area Chart, where one measure is represented as a circle


A small intense, simple, word-sized graphic with typographic resolution

Radial Area Chart

A variation of Area Chart. An area chart displays graphically quantitive data

Spline Graph

Non-ribbon Chord Diagram

A stripped-down version of a Chord Diagram, with only the connection lines showing

Fan Chart

A chart that joins a line graph for observed past data, and a range area chart for future predictions

Bar Chart

A chart with rectangular bars with lengths proportional to the values that they represent

Dumbbell Plot

Connected Dot Plot, Dumbbell Dot Plot

Route Map

Used to displace a series of geographical data with a start point and an end point

Triangle Bar Chart

Butterfly Chart

A type of bar chart where two sets of data series are displayed side by side

Circular Heat Map

A radial heat map is a variation of heat map, where the table is aligned radially

Stepped Line Graph

A chart similar to a line graph, but with the line forming a series of steps between data points

Matrix Diagram

Y-Matrix is one of six forms of Matrix Diagram

Opposite Diagram

It can be used to display two set of opposites in a horizontal and vertical axis using Cartesian coordinates

Multiple Series 3D Bar Charts

Spiral Histogram

The spiral histogram also called a condegram is a histogram , but with a timeline along a spiral shape

Renko chart

Renko charts are excellent in projecting support and resistance levels

3D Scatter Plot

A three-dimensional scatter plot is like a scatter plot, but with g three variables

Taylor diagram

Provide a way of graphically summarizing how closely a pattern (or a set of patterns) matches observations


Cartograms distort the shape of geographic regions so that the area directly encodes a data variable.

Stacked Ordered Area Chart

Waffle Chart

A waffle chart shows progress towards a target or a completion percentage.

Bubble Timeline

A way to display a set of events or items on a timeline with a variable displayed as the the are size of the bubbles.

Network Visualisation

Its often used to visualise complex relationships between a huge amount of elements

Illustration Diagram

These are illustrative graphics or images accompanied by notes, labels or a legend


A Timeline displays a list of events in chronological order.

Layered Area Chart

Pictorial bar chart

Pictorial bar chart is a visual representation of a bar chart used by designers in infographic

Icon Count


A line that is drawn over pivot highs or under pivot lows to show the general course or tendency of something

Curved Bar Chart

A curved bar chart is a variation of bar chart where curved areas are used instead of rectangles

Molecule Diagram

The structural formula of a chemical compound is a graphic representation of the molecular structure, showing how the atoms are arranged

Pin Map

Win-loss Sparkline

A Sparkline is a small intense, simple, word-sized graphic with typographic resolution

Icon + number

An number  is often used in infographics to emphasize a single data

Proportional Area Chart

A Proportional Area Chart (Icon) is used for comparing proportions

Pyramid Chart

A pyramid chart is an inverted funnel chart

Radial Convergences

Radial Convergences are used to visualize relationships between entities

Dot Density Map

Column Sparkline

A Sparkline is a small intense, simple, word-sized graphic with typographic resolution

Spiral Heat Map

A spiral heat map is a specific type of heat map designed for continuous comparable cycles like years or days

Step by Step Illustration

A step by step illustration is a series of illustration to explain a process or a sequential incident

Multi-level Pie Chart

A special type of chart that allows you to show symmetrical/asymmetrical tree structures in a consolidated pie-like structure

Lollipop Chart

lollipop plot

Development & Causes

Funnel Chart

A funnel chart is used to show streamlined data; each slice in the funnel represents a process that has filtered out data.


Treemaps display hierarchical (tree-structured) data as a set of nested rectangles

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